Super Bowl Ad 1 – E*Trade Baby

Shown during the 2008 Super Bowl, E*Trade‘s “Trading Baby” commercials are some of my favorites of all time– not just Super Bowl commercials.  I’d be shocked if you havn’t seen at least one of the many ads in the campaign at this point in time, but if not, here’s the one that aired duing the ’08 game and started it all:

(view the second commercial here)

The ads were extremely successful for E*Trade.  According to NielsenWire, E*Trade had the second greatest amount of online ad discussion after the game.  USA Today reports that the two ads are 2 of the most online watched game-ads of all time.  E*Trade released new commercials during this season’s playoff games and plans to unviel an additional commercial during the Super Bowl on Sunday (according to MediaDailyNews). While some still enjoy the latest batch of commercials, others claim that the campaign is on its way out.  Personally, I am still a fan of the new ones; the lottery ad is hilarious.  To support the commercials, E*Trade also relies heavily on social media campaigns, with the baby amassing thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m excited to see how the third ad turns out during the game Sunday… let me know what you think of the old ads and any thoughts or predictions on the new one.


Other than to the Trading Baby ads, E*Trade has also had a few other memorable super bowl ads.  Check out these other two hilarious classics:

E*Trade Dancing Monkey

E*Trade – Money Coming out of the Whazoo


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