Super Bowl Ad 3 – Mean Joe Greene

Airing during the Super Bowl in the late 1970’s, the Mean Joe Greene Coca-Cola commercial has become one of the most iconic ads in all of television history.  It may seem cliche of me to put it on this list, but I the first time I saw this ad (during one of those “Best Commercials” specials; I think I was 10 or 11), I loved it.

The commercial won two CLIO awards in 1980, one for best ad and a second for best male performance.  It was recently discovered however that Mean Joe never actually received his award and it was presented to him in an official ceremony before the Bengals-Steelers game on November 15, 2009 (reported on Coca-Cola Conversations).

Coke Zero ran a pseudo-remake of the ad during the 2008 Super Bowl.  I personally think it was clever, but let me know your thoughts on the remake (and the original) in the comments section below!


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