Super Bowl Ad 4 – Tabasco Mosquito

When this ad aired during the 1998 Super Bowl, I vividly remember my dad going on and on about how funny it was.  Perhaps it was his constant retellings of the ad, or maybe it was because I genuinely enjoyed it myself, but this ad for Tabasco remains one of my favorite to this day:

While the ad had excellent response from the public, PETA found issue with the mosquito exploding (how anyone could be upset about a dead mosquito is beyond me).  As MSNBC reports, Tabasco then pulled the ad, and  eventually remade it with the mosquito surviving.  I actually saw this ad on television not too long ago; coincidentally though, I don’t remember seeing the mosquito surviving in this latest iteration.  Whether Tabasco decided to go back to their original ad, or whether my memories of the original trump things in my mind, I’m not sure.  But I do know one thing: this ad is hilarious.

Post your thoughts on the ad in the comments below!


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