Stephen Colbert, Ralph Lauren, and the 2010 Winter Olympics

I saw an article on NBC Miami today about Stephen Colbert arriving in Canada for special tapings of his show (and to help cover the Winter Olympics).  The pictures show Colbert in all his patriotic glory, and I quickly found myself admiring the cardigan that he had on (see the picture below).  Upon further research, I found that the cardigan is made by Ralph Lauren and retails for the unfortunate amount of $385.

Due to the fact that I can’t afford spending $400 on a sweater, I began looking into additional Team USA Merchandise.  I found some very cool shirts, sweaters, and jackets at a much more reasonable price point.  Odds are that I’ll be purchasing something from the Team USA shop sometime soon.

That said, I have to applaud Colbert, Ralph Lauren, and Team USA.  While I can’t say that a celebrity endorsement is always the way to go, pairing such a classy product with such a classy celebrity (while also promoting such a patriotic cause) works for me.  Whether it was intentional or not, Colbert’s endorsement has given Team USA at least one more customer.

(and if anyone wants to give me $385, Ralph Lauren gets a customer too)

Tell me what you thought of these ads in the comment section below!

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