Toy Story 3 – Search Stories

I saw Toy Story 3 this past weekend and have to say it was phenomenal.  Once again, Pixar has gone on to prove that it is impossible for them to make a bad movie.  Without giving any kind of full-blown movie review, I will say this: go see the movie; it is awesome.

That said, as part of some dual advertising, Pixar teamed up with Google a little while back to create a Toy Story themed Search Story ad.  I am a big fan of the Search Stories campaign (as noted in my Emotional Advertising post) and by combining the concept with Toy Story branding, I think that both Goole and Pixar hit a home run.  If you haven’t seen the ad yet, check it out below:

What did you think of the Toy Story themed Search Story ad? Share your thoughts  in the comments section below!

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  2. I loved this ad.. Google is known for it simplicity.. whether its the searching or crisp white background with no advertising.. This ad reiterates the same fact. A simple idea appeals to all. Way to go google!

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