Clever Print Ad Collection

Check out this awesome collection of creative and unique advertisements on Spyre Studios website.  The title the collection “hilarious,” but in my opinion, there not as much hilarious as they are clever and original.

What did you think of some of the ads?  Talk about it in the comments section below!

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Dodge Charger Ad: Dexter Edition

I am a huge fan of the Showtime series Dexter, as well as its leading actor Michael C. Hall.  Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to hear him doing voice-over work for Dodge (check out one of the ads here).  That said, when I watched the ads, something didn’t feel quite right.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who felt this, and YouTube user JahRage seems to have fixed the problem:

Blogger Stan Collender makes an observation about the ads, noting that “you don’t hear Hall being Hall; you clearly hear Dexter.  It’s the same cadence, same understated and unemotional tone.”  I agree completely, and for me, that’s whats makes the added music work so perfectly.  I’m not sure how someone who doesn’t watch Dexter will feel about the ads, but I think that they’re excellent.

How do you think the commercials compare?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Toyota Sienna – Swagger Wagon

The general attitude toward Toyota is less-than-favorable these days.  Just about every Toyota commercial on TV discusses how the company is learning from its mistakes and committed to its customers.  There is one new Toyota campaign, however,  that is taking the complete opposite route of apologies and reiterated commitment: The Sienna Family Campaign  (“Swagger Wagon”).  Watch the commercial below:

It seems that most consumer’s perceptions of this campaign are love-it or hate-it.  I happen to be on the love-it side, along with several of my friends who told me that I should blog about it.  The haters feel that the commercial is pompous and plain stupid, but in my opinion, that what makes it so funny.  The male lead (daddy like) reminds me of Andy Bernard from The Office and pulls of the wannabe hipster character to a T.  While I do find the commercial funny, I question its ability to promote the purchase of a Sienna (an argument the haters seem to be fond of using).  Considering that I am not in the market for a car though, I can’t say for sure.

Toyota did a multitude of other spots for this campaign, as well as an extended version.  All of them can be seen on their YouTube page.  Also, if you wish to interact with the brand on Facebook, they do have a fan page.

What do you think of the campaign? Post your opinions in the comments section below!

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Hot Wheels Print Ads

Check out these awesome print ads for Hot Wheels.  If you played with the cars when you were younger,  you probably can’t help but smile when you see what’s happening in the ads.

Tell me what you think of the ads in the comment section below!

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Volkswagen “PunchDub” Commercial

When I was younger, my brother and I used to punch each other every time we got in the car on account of “Slug Bugs” (VW Beetles) and “Cruiser Bruisers” (PT Cruisers).  Nowadays, my fiance and I do the same thing for cars driving with only one working headlight (“Padiddle!”) .  Maybe it’s the fond memories I have of “punch someone when you see a certain car” games, but when I saw this commercial during last night’s episode of LOST, I loved it:

The ad is called “PunchDub.”  The name comes from a newly created variation of the classic “Punch Buggy” (or as I knew it, “Slug Bug”) game,  which allows you to punch a friend anytime you see any VW drive by.  As noted in a press release on VW Media, Tim Ellis, Vice President of Marketing for Volkswagen of America states, “Punch Dub is a fun, engaging way to reintroduce Volkswagen and its growing product family to millions of Americans […]. The campaign is a modern twist on a classic game that has been played on America’s highways for generations and will help consumers gain a new perspective on the breadth of our vehicle offerings, quality, performance and value.”

Actor/comedian Tracy Morgan and performer Stevie Wonder both have cameo appearances in the ad, which first debuted during the Super Bowl (although I did not see it then).  If you’re curious as to how the game of “Punch Buggy” got started, check out this video interview with the game’s creator, “Sluggy” Patterson.  You can also watch more Sluggy videos at The Inspiration Room or visit Sluggy’s blog here.

Besides the nostalgia, I think this ad is very effective because it is funny, memorable, and clearly ties the brand to the message.  If you remember this ad, you’re certainly going to remember it was for VW.  It is important for advertisers to clearly link their brand to the message and content of the commercial.  All too often we see something funny and memorable, and even though we tell our friends about the ad, we have no idea what the commercial was even for. So props to VW for clearly and expertly melding brand recognition with a funny and memorable ad.

Post you thoughts on the ad in the comments section below!

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