Target + LOST Commercials are Fantastic

Last night I sat down in front of the TV for the series finale of LOST on ABC.  While I had no idea how the show would end, there were two things I was definitely not expecting: (1) that my local ABC station would totally drop the ball and encounter technical difficulties with the TV signal (thanks WEWS…) and (2) the awesome Target commercials that tied right in to the world of LOST.  Given that this is an advertising blog, I’ll be discussing point number 2 (even though the problematic TV signal was a load of garbage).

If you don’t watch LOST, odds are you don’t find the commercials at all funny, but for fans of the series, they were a huge home run.  I watched the finale with 7 of my friends, and everyone loved the Target spots.  They tied in to LOST, were short and to the point, and all-in-all, just plain clever.  I really can’t say much else, so I’ll let the ads speak for themselves. Check them out for yourself below!

Are you a fan of LOST? Share your thoughts on the Target + LOST commercials in the comments section below!

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