Latest Verizon iPhone Ad Touts Network Quality

With pre-orders for the Verizon iPhone selling out in less than a day, I think it’s safe to say the Verizon and Apple have a very successful partnership on their hands. While their have been many commercials from both AT&T and Verizon, each trying to promote their own network’s benefits, I happen to really like this latest one from Verizon.

A few tech blogs have stated that the commercial “slams” AT&T, which to me is a big overstatement. Every time a commercial like this emerges, it always a “slam” on the competitor… and it never really is. For what it’s worth, there is definitely a jab at the AT&T network, but I think the real takeaway is the quality and reliability of Verizon (it’s more of a ‘we’re good’ than a ‘they’re bad’). Either way, it’s a good commercial. Check it out below:

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The Verizon iPhone has been Officially Confirmed

Though we’re still in the midst of the press conference, Verizon has confiremed that the Verizon iPhone will launch next month.  Hop over to and you’ll see that they’ve already updated their homepage with the info.  The links are still broken, but all the information should be out later today.  Exciting news!

Verizon iPhone on Verizon Homepage

The Verizon iPhone confirmed on the Verizon Homepage

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