Google AdWords – Online Marketing Challenge

As part of a Promotions Management class that I am taking, I am participating in the Google Online Marketing Challenge.  The challenge calls for teams of college students to promote small business with Google AdWords.  The challenge lasts 3 weeks, during which teams are given a budget of $200 to use how they see fit.  My team is working with Accurate Investigative Services in Akron, OH.  We have been spending the last few weeks learning our client’s business and the ins and outs of AdWords.  We also recently completed our strategic plan for the competition.

This Sunday marks the start of our three week competition period.  While I may post some basic info during the course of the competition, I won’t get too specific into our actual performance.  Rather, I’ll likely post thoughts and observances on the AdWords system as a whole.  I will, however, summarize some of our strategy and performance at the conclusion of the three-week period… hopefully I’ll be able be report successful results!  I am very excited to learn and use AdWords, and I plan on looking into certification programs at the conclusion of the competition.

Do you have AdWords experience? Have any thoughts on the competition? Share about it in the comments section below!

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